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Hunted by the Darkling Horde
Tree Houses of the Hidden Realms
Forest Folk of the Wild Wood


Castles, fortifications, towers and walled cities
Dwarves; The Kindred of Stone and their kin
Dragons, Fire Drakes and Flying Serpents
Goblins, Hobgoblins and other Underworld dwellers
Giants, Trolls, Ogres and the Giantish Races
Wizards and the Magic of the Hidden Realms


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Here at Dreamworlds, we publish fantastic and fantasy fiction ~ the 'Tales of the Hidden Realms' series and the Hidden Realms Role Playing Game. Choose one of the titles on the left to find out more...


Dreamworlds was established in 1986 by Greg Stephens and Max Bantleman. Initially Dreamworlds published fantasy role playing scenarios and magazines. The first of these was 'Flames of Albion,' edited by Max Bantleman, a role playing magazine which became a well-established title in the gaming world. Flames had a fair following of subscribers, as well as being sold in a number of games shops.

The next periodical was 'Esprit de Corps,' a military history and war games oriented magazine, edited by Derrick Bradfield and illustrated by Alan and Michael Perry. Esprit de Corps developed a solid reputation and number prominent amateur military historians became contributors. In addition to these two magazines Dreamworlds published Napoleonic Wargame and Campaign rules and a range of Fantasy and Science Fiction role-playing scenarios. Later producing a futuristic role-playing game called 'When Tomorrow Comes.'

These days Dreamworlds produce books and other material from the works of Cornelius Clifford, and a few of his fellow fantasy academics, for the delectation of all those who are interested in magical, fantastical or fantasy worlds; Worlds Beyond Reality's Edge! Choose a link from those listed to your left to enjoy extracts from some of the Professor's works. The titles are fairly self explanatory. Enjoy!


A magnificent Gothic Castle in Voldania

Seven towers, moated, crenulated, central courtyard, 1400 acres of undulating pine forest, three hamlets and 87 tied peasants included in the sale, if required

Rumoured to have once been the haunt and home of a legendary family of Vampires, the Barons de La Drone. Now in need of refurbishment. Would make an excellent gentleman's summer residence.

Price negotiable

Our client, a prominent Burgess of Gorglis, would consider exchanging this magnificent gothic property for a villa and estate in the Southern Empire, perhaps near Soltin Torrad.

All enquiries to; Slimbold, Slimbold and Fatbreath, notaries and clerks, off Mouse Pie Lane, Gorglis



Text and illustrations copyright Cornelius Clifford 2013

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